Research will see if antibodies can more selectively target & kill HIV-infected cells

Hope in antibodies.


by Emily Newman

Early in January, Gilead Sciences announced an astounding $22 million HIV cure grants program benefitting 12 research teams around the world. The projects supported range in scope from basic science research to ethical and community-based social science research.

Galit Alter, PhD, a researcher at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard and her team were one recipient of Gilead’s funding. Over the next three years, they will be developing a portfolio of broadly functional antibodies and testing them to see if they’re able to help eradicate cells that are latently infected with HIV from the body. Alter spoke with BETA to answer some questions about her research—and explain why she’s hopeful that an antibody-based cure therapy may prove to be both effective and realistic.

Plasma cell B lymphocyte producing antibodies isolated on white

Read article here.

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